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06:18am 15/05/2008
mood: alright
Im pretty excited about the new Weezer cd coming out soon. Anytime they come out with a color self titled disc its always good. Always. "Make Believe" was aiiiight, it had some semi-high points but it wasnt Weezer how I like it. I mean as musicians and artist you want to try different things and you grow up yada yada, but if it aint broke dont fix know what im sayin. Well that all I wanted to say. Im at work right now, i will be at work for the next err 5 days. Today and tomorrow 1a-9a, sat 7a-1p sun 5a-1p, mon 1a-9a, hooray. Sad face for no 80s night for a while i think hopefully a more set schedule could be made so i can at least have thursday nights off ok im done.
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Let's Make Love In This Club Ayyyyyy   
05:10pm 20/04/2008
mood: blank
So I have nothing much to talk about, other than I think Im bipolar, but who isnt? I just want happy pills. I will be graduating in 13 days, wow. I still gotta find out when im gonna start working again, so yeah thats all I got.
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Get down with the sickness   
10:02pm 01/02/2008
mood: sick
Its friday night I have the house to myself cause my roomate went out of town for her birthday. I should be dancing in my undies, renting movies, eating fine cuisines like college pizza but no, im sick. I dont feel like driving to rent movies, and I cant taste anything because my sinuses are effed up. I had to skip all my classes yesterday cause I was in bad shape. All I want to do is smell and taste my food, thats all that I want ::gets on knees and throws hands in the air:: anyways looks like a night of Independent Film Channel and meds, hooray.
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Am I part of the club now?   
07:09pm 22/01/2008
mood: excited
So I had photography class today which she wound up cutting short because she's awesome like that. Anyways I brought a camera!!! It is a Nikon FG with both manual and automatic features and uh thats all I can really say about it cause I dont wanna act like I know what im talking about all together with tax it was $209.95. I also got like this beginner photo package that one of the local photo shop owners put together for the class with photo paper, chemistry for developing pictures, a development tank, and a ton of film all for $173 so im not buying anything for a while. I am reeeeaaaallly excited and I cant wait to start photowhoring, and now when I come back home I can on photo adventures, yaaaay.
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Yay Money   
04:48pm 19/01/2008
mood: calm
So today is a gloomy day with slush and ice covering the ground..what a great day to go shopping! I actually restrained myself from going to Christiansburg the next town over where the mall and old navy is so i just went to some stores here in Radford. First I went to Walmart to the hair place to get a bang ($6)which looks pretty cool btdubs next month im going to dye my hair again. Then I picked up a pack of macaroni, chesse, milk, eggs, orange juice, orange soda, ice cream, chocolate syrup and salmon ($25+$20 cash back)go across the strip mall to Cato's brought a cute winter jacket ($12.99 clearance!!!) cause I heart my dickies jacket but its boyish and looks foolish when I dress up and some underoos cause bras and panties make me happy...they really do! and a bracelet (all together $57) then I went 2 stores down to dollar tree and got some random shiz and some glow sticks!!!! cause there is rush season coming up and we have a "dance party theme" for one of our rushes, lame i know but it really is a lot of fun ($16) then I got some ciggs (2 packs $7)and I got some VODKA tonight is going to be a good night. so I cant spend anymore money really, I have to but my camera for my photography class and the supplies package. So yeah thats it for now, ill post some time next week to let you know im still alive~peace.
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11:40pm 24/11/2007
mood: nostalgic
I have not seen the movie "Beaches" in years, I haven't thought about it years. I watched all the time when I was a kid, like a small child, and I loved it. Saw on tv yesterday and remembered why. It is the only chick flick that I will watch, it is also kind of a musical too which I can dig. I heart bette midler she's awesome. My favorite scene from the movie is the 'Oh Industry' scene, its a pretty awesome song, thats all I wanted to say, k bye.
PS: Here is the Oh Industry scene from beaches, so flipin cool.
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This turkey got me lurkey?   
11:16am 23/11/2007
mood: groggy
So my fam came to Radford yesterday and I cooked and it came out really well and as an added bonus i have a lot of food for the next few days cause I sure aint got no money. After we ate and I took a much needed nap we went and seen a movie "This Christmas" sure it sounds like a chessetastic family time but I enjoyed it. Now im at work till 2 and im tired, then imma go home and be a lazy bum for the next few days, but I have to read for my biology and sociology classes since i chose to skip them last week, whatever i dont care anymore, im tired of school, as long as i pass im good. K,bye.
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Making moves biatch!!! well maybe   
10:40pm 10/10/2007
mood: tired
So today at a radio broadcasting meeting we were trying to come up with cool ways to get the station out there and things like that and the Fall Out Boy tour w/ Gym Class Heroes and other folks came into the discussion and so with stars in our eyes we decided we were going to try to get some interviews when their tour comes into Roanoke in november. So I kind of sprung into action and sent a message via myspace to DeJesus Gym Class Heroes' hypeman and asked if there was anyway he could get me an interview with GCH. He has not sent a message back but i know that he at least read it, this is kind of a first step. Hopefully he will help a sister out and hook me up with an interview how awesome would that be!!! Oh well we shall see, keep your fingers crossed.
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Ah i love discovering new music   
09:40pm 02/10/2007
mood: curious
My new discovery came unassumably (is that a word?) While watching MTVHits which is some random cable channel I have and they have these video playlists and it was the MTVU playlist (MTV's college video channel) and these block of videos are always cool to look at cause they always play cool stuff, anyways I was watching this video and I like the song, looked it up on iTunes and the album was only 8 dollars so I was like hey just buy the whole thing and I am enjoying it, Bat For Lashes definitely sound like they are influenced by the likes of Bjork and Tori Amos, if this interest you, you should check it out. Here's the vid for "Whats a girl to do?" enjoy

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I fly like paper got high like planes   
10:34pm 23/09/2007
mood: hooray for sleepin pills
So I wrote a 'review' for this music major newsletter that my associates and I in the MMO (music majors organization) are putting together. I wrote my first review on MIA's "Kala" album, I just wanted to post it so you guys can see it. Note: I am not a music critic nor a journalist I just wrote it cause I wanted too, and I wanted the kids to add something to their musical palltet (sp?)Enjoy.

T Jones’ Musical Mayhem

Welcome to T Jones’ Musical Mayhem where I share with you a review on an album that I think you should add to your collection. The album I will be reviewing this time around is M.I.A.’s ”Kala”. Before you hear M.I.A.’s music you must know about her life, so here is a crash course. She was born Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam July 17 1977 in London, England. Maya is of Sri Lankan Tamil origin, her father was actually an activist turned Tamil militant by the name of Arul Pragasm. Because of her father’s militant stance in Sri Lanka her family was in constant turmoil causing them to move all around including Sri Lanka, India, then eventually back to her birthplace London when she was eleven years old. Back in London is where learned English and also discovered hip-hop. Fast Forward to 20 years later she is on tour with some musical buddies of hers as a videographer, she becomes friends with the fantastic Peaches who introduces M.I.A. to the Roland MC-505 sequencing machine and talked M.I.A. into creating music since this was the art form she was least familiar creating in (she went to college for fine art and film in London) the rest is…well history in the making. M.I.A.’s first album was named “Arular” named after the nickname of her militant father in 2005. You may have heard one of her singles “Galang” in the Honda commercials of that year. For such an unorthodox style of music and delivery “Arular” was surprisingly commercially successful in the United States. However; because of her highly politically charged lyrics and the Tamil militant group her father was a part of being considered ‘a terrorist-like group’ M.I.A. on several occasions was not let into the US. Two years later is her follow up “Kala” which is named after her mother was released on August 21. The best way that I can describe it is maybe a rave in the Jungle like the deep deep jungle dancing with Gorillaz eating wild bananas and berries and drinking native moonshine. “Kala” is filled with energy from the get-go with its opening track “Bamboo Banga.” This album has a variety of sounds ranging from Baltimore “B-more” Club music, syncopated African rhythms, Indian tinged music, hip-hop, reggae, this album has it all.
Some of the stand out tracks for me is “Boys”, “Hussle”, “20 Dollar”, and “Paper Planes”, but the album as a whole is fantastic. So if you want something high in energy, danceable, provoking, different music for your eardrums M.I.A’s “Kala” is it for you. Check it out and tell me what you think. For music like M.I.A’s and so much more tune in to my radio show on WVRU ‘The Hoodmetal Show’ Wednesday nights @9pm on 89.9 FM WVRU or www.wvru.org and click on the listen link [end shameless plug here] Salutations to you and happy listening.
-Tylia Jones your friendly neighborhood super senior.
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Helloo, is it me your looking for?   
10:27pm 22/09/2007
  Well it has been a long time since I posted, but I am going to make this short, i just wanted to tell you im still alive, im at school, i had to get a new laptop, i streched myself pretty thin this year in being involved in 4 clubs and orgs. Mu Phi Epsilon, Music Majors organization, AEBA (a music business majors club, even though im not a music business major)and the Radio Broadcasting Club as well as work study and oh yeah classes. Right now im watching a so you think you can dance marathon, I am entertained, goodnight.  
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03:54am 28/07/2007
mood: bored
I LOVE Victoria Beckham. I watched her tv special when it came on television a few weeks ago and I thought she was delightful. I watched it again on youtube and I think she is just cute and bubbly and british. I read all these gossip blogs cause I am obsessed with them and they always say something ridiculous and catty about her, but I just think she's really fun and I LOVE HER SHOES, she is top notch when it comes to her shoe game. Her husband David *drools* he is siiiiiick, he is a major hot piece, she's a lucky biatch. I just thought I'd share, ok have a good one.
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WHEN the zombie uprising happens   
05:42pm 14/06/2007
mood: giddy
find Shelaine, she has it all figured out. We somehow had like an hour long conversation about the uprising of zombies at denny's and what the necessary precautions would be, it was a very good convo, but now im a little freaked out now. Tonight is 80's night, im going to try to take some pics but my camera is extra ghetto, so we'll see what happens.[end of post]
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Im in love...   
08:34pm 10/04/2007
mood: Music makes me happy
...with the new Bjork song, produced by Timbaland, its sooo yummy, cant wait for that album to come out. So far musically 2007 is being the blizz! Loves it.
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Music IS my job   
10:52pm 28/03/2007
mood: anxious
Ok so I just want to post about how psyched I am about the new Nine Inch Nails album its sickening. The song "In this twilight" is on my profile page on myspace and I log in like 10 times a day just to listen to it, its remarkable, also another cool album is K-OS's "Atlantis:Hymns for Disco" ah music like this keeps my faith in good music alive.
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Its been a while   
10:14pm 05/02/2007
mood: What the blizz!?
Since I updated, nothing to talk about, I did not get my car yet, shooting to get it this weekend, it only took me 1300 bucks that I dont have to fix it but whatev, ill be turning 22 in a month woop-te-doo I also have to find a place to live double woop. Im going to eat some ice cream and go to bed, ps I hate school what the blizz.
pps that mooninite thing was GENIOUS!!!
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I can see it now   
09:36pm 16/01/2007
mood: blank
A warm spring day, a friday afternoon, me finishing up my collegiate obligations foe the week, the weekend is upon me. I hop in my '92 mitsubishi galant put some gas in the tank open up the sunroof and just take a ride to the mall, for the hell of it (and there is nothing else to do in these parts) sounds like nothing to the average person but to me it sounds great. This weekend I am breezing back home to pick up my car, my mother put my car in the shop and its gonna cost a thousand bucks *cringe* BUT it totally fixes the car so hopefully no worries for a while, yeah. By the way how many kids do you think commit suicide for getting rejected from american idol, its entertaining but really sad at the same time.Eh, whatev
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Something for my eardrums   
03:26am 03/01/2007
mood: bored
All my freinds and all my lovers are....dead.

So surfing on myspace and I decided to check out Mickey Avalon's page cause I heard some stuff about his music and I was curious, so I checked some of his stuff out and for some reason it peeks my interest so far some favs of mine are 'freinds and lovers' and 'waiting to die'. His music is basically like a white boy who lives in hollywood rapping and pretty much talks about how crappy LA is
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Home and such   
12:01am 10/12/2006
mood: blah
I am coming home again on thursday and I have not gotten my work schedule yet, but I will be working at sinclair communications as I did this summer. They are probably going to give a crazy sched hopefully not to crazy. I know that I want to go to the Frontside and A New Born Thriller show next sunday at the Norva it should be a lot of fun and its 10 bucks, any one who is around should join the festivas. Till then I have these pesky exams to fail this week, then no more school for about 3 weeks.
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My new crush   
06:34pm 01/12/2006
mood: dorky
Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes, ughhh he makes me melt.
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