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Maybe one day you'll think I'm cool

6 March 1985
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Tylia. Radio Board Operator. College graduate. Very much a loner and afraid of the opposite sex, yet I always complain of being lonely, whatever I'm a dork. I love to listen to music and sometimes im afraid that I might go def someday from listening to it too loud. Lets see what else. Ive been told that I am a comic genious, I agree I am quite humourous, one of my qualities that I admire, but sometimes it tends to be a security mechanism. If I ever get married (which i wont) but if I do I would want to marry a spanish dude, preferably puerto rican. Why? I have no clue i've always had a thing for them, I guess thats cause Im from the bronx ::shrugs shoulders:: Ok I have ranted to much. T Jones out.